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2017 Halloween Costume Ideas for All Ages

New Halloween costumes hit the market every year and enthusiasts spend hours pouring through the new options online. The months leading up to October are spent wandering through aisles of glowing skulls, dangling skeletons, and discount costumes leftover from last year.

This year, why not give yourself something different? Why not ditch those discount costumes no one wanted last year and go for something original for 2017? Following are some Halloween costume ideas for every member of the family. Get into the spirit of the holiday and have some fun this year. There is no better way to ease into fall and welcome the end-of-year holidays.

2017 Halloween Costumes for Babies


Babies and toddlers are the most fun to dress up for Halloween because they are so darn cute no matter what you stick them in. The best Halloween costume ideas for this age group are those that offer comfort and safety for the little ones while delivering the cute factor for the costume parties and passerby on the trick or treat sidewalk.

You can go in a couple directions with baby Halloween costumes. You can go with superheroes that all children love like Spiderman, Batman and Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For little girls, you may go for a pink version of super girl.

You can also go in the other direction and just pick super cute baby costumes. Bumblebee and ladybug costumes are always in style for small babies while toddlers may like princess or prince Halloween costumes. Look for some amazing baby butterfly costumes to be hitting the market this year as well. The color contrasts are eye-catching and the costume bodies are designed to keep the little ones very warm.

You may also just go with toddler sized Alice in Wonderland costumes. They are coming out in a variety of styles, designs and color themes for 2015.

2017 Halloween Costumes for Teens


Older children and teens are going to be looking for Halloween costume ideas that reflect the current movies and television shows that have hit it big. Pirates of Caribbean costumes are going to be hot with select groups of children and especially older teens who want interesting, fun costumes that are up with the times. There are some great Angelica costumes hitting the market this year and they will be very popular with girls of all ages.

Alice in Wonderland costumes are always popular with this age group, especially the Mad Hatter costume which can be used for boys as well as girls. Every year brings a new assortment of Mad Hatter costumes and 2017 will not be any exception. From Halloween costumes for the little tots to those designed for older teenagers, you will see the Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit and the Ceshire Cat well represented in the costume department this year.

Werewolf and witch costumes will be popular this year for younger kids as well as some teenagers. These costumes are always fun because these creatures can be represented in many different ways. A teenage girl will wear a witch costume very differently than a young six-year-old girl would wear a witch costume. These basic Halloween costume ideas allow some creativity and expression of personality, which all kids enjoy.

You can also find some very unique kid's costumes coming out this year as well. Look up the colorful, fluffy uggsy monster child's costume as a great example.

201 Halloween Costumes for Adults


Adults are going to enjoy wearing Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes this year along with the younger generations. There will be many Jack Sparrow costumes hitting the market for men while a sexier version of the Angelica costume will make the perfect attire for women heading out to a Halloween party for adults. From the swords to the flirty eye patches, adults of all ages are going to give these costumes a whirl this year.

Sexy Vampire CostumeFor women, Halloween is always a reason to get seductive. You will see the typical naughty nurses and maids floating around, but look for some unique costumes coming out for 2015. For instance, the sexy vampire costume will definitely be popular this year. This costume can be rocked by women with a variety of body types and sizes and may even come in plus sizes if you look at the newest designs coming out this year. What could be sexier than a woman in heels ready to sink her teeth into a man's neck?

Deluxe Womens Sexy Brazilian Show Girl CostumeSome other Halloween costumes new for this year include the sexy Brazilian showgirl costume and the midriff-bearing Katy Perry costume. Women will have no problem putting the moves on a special man (or every man) this Halloween.

Adult Michael Jackson Thriller JacketFor men, many Halloween costume ideas are going to be iconic. The best one will be the Michael Jackson costume. There will be many hot new designs coming out just for 2017, so there is no need to go with the outdated versions left over from 2014. You will definitely see the many faces of Michael Jackson patrolling the trick or treat streets and making their way through the adult parties this year. No matter where you stand on Michael and what you feel he was during his lifetime, you cannot deny that he is an American icon that will never be forgotten completely.

Adult Zombie President Obama MaskAnother iconic costume to look for this year is Obama. You will actually find costumes for all of the Obama family members on the market this year. Women want the strength and sexual appeal of the first lady while men can't resist the opportunity to step into the most powerful position in the entire world at least for one night. You may even want to dress up the entire family and head out as the first family! Who could beat you in the Halloween contest when you look just like the first family?

Adult Theatrical Quality Transformers Movie 3 Optimus Prime CostumeSome men will even enjoy the more elaborate superhero costumes that are coming out new for 2017. For instance, even grown men still love the Transformers since they grew up playing with them. Men who still collect these figures will enjoy dressing up as a Transformer this year.

Forget about those Halloween costumes that have been collecting dust for a year or longer. There are fresh Halloween costume ideas coming out just for 2015.

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