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Babette Costume

by admin on August 3, 2010

VINTAGE Babette Pointy Toe Black Pumps Heels Evening Costume Sz 8 AAA Narrow
VINTAGE Babette Pointy Toe Black Pumps Heels Evening Costume Sz 8 AAA Narrow
Time Remaining: 18d 6h 38m
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Babette Costume

Babette Costume Videos

Trailer Blue Shade - Transversal Theater

Babette Costume Q&A

How to Make...?

Hi I am going to a Beauty and the Beast costume party for my friend's little sister. I am l5 years old. I am supposed to be going as Babette, the flirtatious feather duster. How should I make this costume??? (I may or may not have time to buy feathers..)

i would suggest a dark (brown, gray, or black) top..or dress, if you can get some 'tulle' it's pretty cheep (net fabric)...measure your waist, (where ever you want the "duster" to start), get enough to go around 3 or 4 times. sew them together like a skirt, attach to your dress (or make it where it will go over your clothes) cut strips into the top layer or 2. it will flow, and move like a feather duster!!! hope this helps, or at least gets you started in the right direction!!!

Addicted to Crafts?

Who here is addict to crocheting and Knitting. I feel I am. If I'm at work and there is nothing to do, I wish at that time I had my sticks in my hand crocheting or knitting. Or if I have a project started, I would rather be working on it.
Let me know how you feel.

I totally admit that i extremely addicted to knitting. I knit every chance i get, if theres nothing to do I knit, when there is yarn I am extrememly tempted to buy a good 5 skeins or so.

to prove on how addicted to knitting i am here is a copy of all the knitting and crochet with some sewing that ive done since June 13, 2005. the first date is when the project was started, the last date is when i finished the project.

12-Jun-05 7/?/05 Knitting Bag
7-Jan-05 08/? Harry Potter circular knit Gryffindor scarf Poa1
15-Aug-05 13-Sep-05 Harry potter school quidditch sweater 1
14-Sep-05 17-Sep-05 Harry potter school vest
questionablequestionableRavenclaw scarf Poa
24-Sep-052 5-Sep-05 devil hat (Nicole's xmas present)
4-Oct-05 4-Oct-05 angel hat present
5-Oct-05 8-Oct-05 devil scarf present
8-Oct-05 17-Oct-05 god/angel scarf present
18-Oct-05 20-Oct-05 pink/white socks 1
21-Oct-05 23-Oct-05 red/black trim corset
25-Oct-05 4-Jan-06 Black Cardigan/sweater
19-Nov-06 24-Dec-05 Lace and Lavender blanket
5-Jan_06 5-Jan-06 white corset
6-Jan-06 15-Jan-06 pink-blend socks
15-Jan-06 19-Jan-06 Tasha= Knitting bag w/ pockets
20-Jan-06 23-Jan-06 westerly shawl,
23-Jan-06 30-Jan-06 evening diamonds shirt
30-Jan-06 9-Feb-06 knit/crochet cardigan
9-Feb-06 26-Apr-06 Poncho
10-Feb-06 15-Feb-06 green knitting draw-string bag
16-Feb-06 11-Aug-06 Hufflepuff sport scarf
20-Feb-06 24-Feb-06 Pink/purple cable braid purse
28-Feb-06 18-Aug-06 Slytherin sport scarf Christmas
7-Mar-0614-Mar-06 crocheted granny square blanket
17-Mar-06 8/20/06 center lace panel vest
20-Mar-06 22-Aug-06 Christmas red sweater
26-Mar-06 26-Mar-06 knit bags for projects
27-Mar-06 30-Mar-06 bag
17-Apr-06 17-Apr-06 change pouch
26-Apr-06 29-Apr-06 bell sleeves shrug
29-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 first with button Purse
30-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 crochet first double chain purse
27-May-06 6-Jun-06 Packer/harry potter scarf
6-Jun-06 7-Jun-06 Packer/Harry Potter matching headband
7-Jun-06 7-Jun-06 Packer/Harry Potter Quidditch sweater
30-Jun-06 1-Jul-06 Purse
1-Jul-06 3-Jul-06 My purse
19-Jul-06 11-Dec-06 Patchwork Trio Blanket
29-Jul-06 30-Jul-06 Sea form weave steering wheel cover
30-Jul-07 31-Jul-06 sea form wave visor pocket
23-Aug-06 26-Aug-06 Fingerless Gloves
26-Aug-06 29-Aug-06 Barrette style purse
29-Aug-06 29-Sep-06 Shrug sleeve top
29-Aug-06 11-Sep-06 Christmas poncho
30-Sep-06 15-Oct-06 Packer Scarf
16-Oct-06 18-Oct-06H alloween Costume (first Sewing Project)
23-Oct-06 20-Nov-06 3X Weasley Frogged to make my own Sweater
20-Nov-06 23-Nov-06 first wool gloves
21-Nov-06 25-Nov-06 purple rib scarf
25-Nov-06 25-Dec-06 Ravenclaw quidditch sweater
21-Dec-06 23-Dec-06 felt Denise needle case
23-Dec-06 24-Dec-06 crochet dragon
26-Dec-06 5-Jan-07 crochet Crayon Ripple throw
31-Dec-06 4-Jan-07 leg warmers in hot pink
5-Jan-07 5-Jan-07 Harry Potter's animal cracker hat
6-Jan-07 6-Jan-07 Beatrice short sleeve shrug altered
7-Jan-07 2-Feb-07 Vanessa first intermediate project skills
24-Jan-07 1-Feb-07 mitered squares shawl
26-Jan-07 26-Jan-07 sewn first pair of pants
3-Feb-07 11-Feb-07 flip flop tube top
13-Feb-07 15-Feb-07W easley twin ski hats
15-Feb-07 16-Feb-07 mittens
16-Feb-07 18-Feb-07 wool socks
18-Feb-07 24-Feb-07 combo corset T
25-Feb-07 25-Feb-07 crochet black and white novelty scarf and red and white novelty scarf
25-Feb-07 27-Feb-07 poka-dot drawstring bag
26-Feb-07 26-Feb-07 crochet dark fuzzy scarf
tried to crochet using a pattern, failed badly from Feb-25 to Mar-5
6-Mar-07 14-Mar-07 babette
15-Mar-07 21-Apr-07 my Weasley sweater
29-Mar-07 2-Apr-07 Baby cardigan
30-Mar-07 7-Apr-07 stripped fingerless gloves
4-Apr-07 4-Apr-07 crochet hooks case
7-Apr-07 8-Apr-07 mod knitting coasters
8-Apr-07 14-Apr-07 Vale backpack
15-Apr-07 27-May-07 flirty skirt
21-Apr-07 12-Sep-07 stash blanket
26-Apr-07 20-May-07 3 season sweater jacket
7-May-07 7-May-07 baby hat
7-May-07 7-May-07 baby booties
7-May-07 7-May-07 croched scarf
8-May-07 18-May-07 illusion scarf
23-May-07 23-May-07 sewn 4 inch strip to bottom of black pants.
29-May-07 16-Jun-07 hooded sweater jacket
16-Jun-07 27-Jun-07 Shrug Amy with laced boarder
1-Jul-07 5-Jul-07 house unity scarf
10-Jul-07 15-Jul-07 hermione's cable hat
11-Jul-07 12-Jul-07 crocheted slippers
12-Jul-07 not finished Harry Potter's Red Cable Sweater
25-Jul-07 11-Aug-07 top down cardigan
1-Aug-07 28-Aug-07orange turtle neck poncho
5-Aug-07 8-Aug-07 chance pouches
21-Aug-07 21-Aug-07 Crocheted beaded shawl
22-Aug-07 23-Aug-07 Blue striped socks
24-Aug-07 27-Aug-07 crocheted socks
30-Aug-07 10-Sep-07 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Shawl
6-Sep-07 6-Sep-07 double knit sleep mask
10-Sep-07 not finished puzzle bag
13-Sep-07 not finished 1 button cardigan rose pink
19-Sep-07 20-Sep-07 Crocheted shrug
25-Sep-07 28-Sep-07 Double Knit Hat
11-Oct-07 18-Oct-07 slytherin poa scarf
19-Oct-07 not done Fall chunky cardigan


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