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Mockingbird Costume

by admin on August 21, 2009

Time Remaining: 21d 23h 4m
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VINTAGE Jewelry Silver HUNGER GAMES Mockingbird Bird HAT PIN Scarf TIE Purse
VINTAGE Jewelry Silver HUNGER GAMES Mockingbird Bird HAT PIN Scarf TIE Purse
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PATTERN SIMPLICITY Cosplay Game of Thrones Black Mockingbird Dress 6 to 22 1137
PATTERN SIMPLICITY Cosplay Game of Thrones Black Mockingbird Dress 6 to 22 1137
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Mockingbird Costume

To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 29

Atticus Finch Hears the News and Heck Tate Observes: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary -- Ch. 29

Atticus is shocked when he hears that Jem was attacked. Heck asks Scout to explain the events. Sitting in Atticus's lap, she describes what happened. Heck Tate inspected Scout's torn costume and notes that the chicken wire has a long cut, where a knife apparently slashed the costume. The knife missed Scout and she is unharmed. The barbed-wire, ham costume saved her life initially. Scout continues to describe the incident.

The Mysterious Hero: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary

She says that while Mr. Ewell was attempting to strangle her to death, some mysterious person pulled him off her. Initially, she thought it was Jem. However, she later heard heavy breathing and determined it was someone older, perhaps Atticus. Heck Tate asked her who this heroic person was, and she pointed to the man located in the corner, telling Mr. Tate that she knew his name.

Boo Radley Saved Scout's Life: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary

Looking at the mystery, hero in the corner, she notes that his hands and face are pale. He appears delicate and his eyes are colorless, giving the appearance of blindness. His cheeks are thin and his face looks hollow. When Scout points to him, he seems to become tense. She stares at him for a moment, wondering, and he smiles timidly, causing her eyes to fill. She greets him and says, "'Hey, Boo.'" It was Boo Radley, the man who she had feared for so long, who had saved her life.

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Mockingbird Costume Videos

Tequila Mockingbird (Part 4 of 4)

Mockingbird Costume Q&A

how to kill a mockingbird HELP (( BOOK not Movie ))?

this is more like 3 questions...

-who bakes the kids cakes? whats her name?

-can you place the letters in order from what happened first PLS :)

A. scouts first day at school
B. (idk her name following the first question) bakes the kids cakes.
C. kids findout Atticus is the deadliest shoot in town.
D. church with calpurnia.
E. jims pants left at Radleys gate... and goes back to find them fixed and on gate.
F. Aunt alex wants scout to dress lady like.
G. sin to kill mocking bird.
H. Scout finds gun at Rradley tree. (( WHAT KIND OF GUM WAS IT?!)
I. snow
J. ham costume.
K. coca... finds out that he acts like hes always drunk so he can live in his own way.

this is for a protect and i need help from who know the book well and not the movie.
movie and book are different.... this project is on the BOOK

1. Miss Maudie bakes the kids cakes. Each time she bakes a large one for someone, she makes three little ones for Jem, Dill, and Scout.

2. I'm not COMPLETELY sure on them, but here are the last two for sure:

K - That would be Dolphus Raymond who lives with Negroes and pretends to be a drunk
J - Ham Costume and Halloween pageant, the Climax of the book, basically

Movie Character Costume ideas?

i have this movie themed fancy dress day coming up at school and i really don't want to spend a lot of money or buy a generic costume. i would really appreciate some original ideas that:
- are appropriate for school (non slutty)
- female
- really easy to make (preferably with things i already have at home
- inexpensive
- easily recognisable

i was thinking of going as Scout Finch from to kill a mockingbird, but i don't have any dungarees.

thanks in advance.
there is no dress. i meant fancy dress as in dressing up/costume party

Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This will be perfect if you're really a brunette! Use a long black dress (like a prom dress) and some pearls, get a dollar store tiara and some gloves, and use something to simulate a long cigarette holder. If you want to add some humor to your costume, carry a stuffed cat under your arm. Everyone will know who you are!

I'm not sure how funny the school will think it is, but a great option would be Juno. You could get a striped shirt or sweater, throw a zippered sweatshirt on top of that, stuff a pillow under it, and throw your hair back into a ponytail. I think that's all you'll need.

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