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Tightrope Costume

by admin on November 28, 2009

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Adult Deluxe Rainbow Clown Tight rope Walker Roma 4273
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Girls dress party disney kids costume gown Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker xv
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Tightrope Costume

Tightrope Costume Videos

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2010

The North Tahoe Minute, October 16, 2007

Tightrope Costume Q&A

'T' themed party costume Ideas?

Going to a themed hen's party.
the theme is T, your costume needs to start with a t.
Like Texas cowgirl, tightrope walker, etc...

Please help with some original Ideas!
Best answer will be awarded on originality.

Does Mr. T count?

im having a freakshow/ carnival over the summer.... creative people?

i a having a kind o freakshow over the circus slash carnival.... its for my birthday.... i am gonna have snkes and cool lizards and stuff... and a band... im dressing up and so are my friends like circus people... not clowns.. like egyptian kind of... and i was wondering if you all had any ideas for stuff to do. like i dont want a bunch of games and we rnt having rides.. so anyways.. nothing is really too weird tho.. bc its a freakshow.. anywyas! any answers are welcome.. or a website!

Have booths that look gypsy. Have people look at pictures through reversed binoculars so that the horse is the smallest horse in the world. Half a tail and be a mermaid. Strong man. Like the booths at the circus. I mean at the circus they had a lot of fakes anyway. The smallest adult was really just a 5 yo in a suit and they said he was an adult. But since you aren't charging your friends for entering the booths, it would still be funny. Some are costumes your friends could dress up as. Lobster boy, siamese twins, half human-half animal.

Some of the exhibits are dummies or photographs of the billed attractions. It could still be truthfully billed with the claim "$1,000 reward if not absolutely real — please do not touch or feed the animals on exhibit". I'd say making some of the posters look authentic as possible and putting them up is a huge part of a freak show.

You could have stuff to attempt--like juggling or riding a unicycle. A pair of stilts people could try to walk on. You could hire a real stilts walker.

Originally at a freak show there would have been trapeze acts and tightrope walkers. You could put a trapeze over a trampoline. A sword-swallower. I know there is always one at the Renaissance Fair but I have no idea how much hiring one would cost.

Most of the things you can't do. Elephants, rhinos. It might be cool to have a documentary that has a lot of footage from the original B&B shows playing in the background so that when you glance around you'd still see elephants and bears.

You could see who is the best contortionist of your group of friends and who can balance the longest on a ball.

You might want to watch this and see if it gives you any ideas. It has great music you might like to play. Todd Browning’s 1932 film Freaks is another good research. I think you should spend a while on music to play in the background. Music is key.

In a Museum show, many of the things weren't alive anyway so you could get pictures of them. World's most extreme animals type of thing.

Midgets. Henna painting would be awesome. Magician or really get a DVD of someone death defying and play it. Make some posters like Chris Angel starring at 3pm in this tent and play it.

Also some of the freakiest people like that woman that has had so many plastic surgeries she looks like a cat now and men who have horns implanted into their heads.

Of course serve Carnival food. You can now buy small machines that make cotton candy for about $20. Rent a popcorn machine. Find some odd things--like something that looks like an insect and call it chocolate covered crickets. Corndogs.

Good luck. I think this sounds like a fun birthday party.

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